It’s Resolution Time Again

Resolutions, Well they come and goAh, resolutions. I love them and hate them. I love them because every year, I am filled with the joy that new possibility brings. And I hate them because, of course, some of them fail and with failure often comes disappointment.

I don’t need the new year to set goals for myself. I periodically think about aspects of my life I’d like to improve, and then set forth a plan to achieve that improvement. It’s satisfying to lay out a goal and make progress towards it, even if I don’t quite make it. I usually learn something from the process and what I learn usually improves something about my life, often in ways I hadn’t expected.

Even though I don’t need the new year to set goals, I do enjoy using the moment to step back, see how this past year has gone and think through what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year. The older I get, the more realistic my goals get and the more they pertain to living life the way I want to live it. I’ve given up (mostly) living according to someone else’s idea of how I should live, what I should look like, or what should be important to me. There are some exceptions to that, of course. I listen to my husband’s counsel on things that affect both our lives (finances, house stuff, general lifestyle). It’s a goal in and of itself to listen to my own heart about what’s right for me.

In general, I would boil down my thoughts about resolutions this year to two words: calm and productive. I want for myself a calm and productive life. I want to feel every day that I’m accomplishing something that’s important to me or my family and I want to feel calm doing it. It seems simple, but I actually made a list of things I’d like to get done in order to achieve this calm and productive life and it’s two pages in Google docs. To some that might seem stressful, but I also made a plan to bring calm to achieving the list.  And the plan requires very little brain power or time. I feel calm and productive just thinking about it. That must mean I’m headed in the right direction for the year.


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