It’s Resolution Time Again

Ah, resolutions. I love them and hate them. I love them because every year, I am filled with the joy that new possibility brings. And I hate them because, of course, some of them fail and with failure often comes disappointment. I don’t need the new year to set goals for myself. I periodically think about aspects of my life I’d like to improve, and then set forth a plan to achieve that improvement. It’s satisfying to lay out a goal and make progress towards it, even if I don’t quite make it. I usually learn something from the process and what I learn usually improves something about my life, often in ways I hadn’t expected. Even though I don’t need the new year to set goals, I do enjoy using the moment to step back, see how this past year has gone and think through what I’d like to accomplish […]

Looking forward not back

A friend recently said to me, “I prefer to look forward not back.” This was in the context of talking about attending high school and college reunions and the way in which some of our family and friends look at those years as “the best years of their life” and seem to be constantly trying to recapture the spirit of high school or college. That’s certainly not why I’ve returned to my reunions, and increasingly, they’ve become a way of maintaining relationships with people that I knew and admired at the time and, in some cases, discovering new friends whom I didn’t know well at the time, but with whom I now share many common interests. But I take the point that dwelling in the past and constantly looking back is not always productive. Many people have written about the nostalgia people have for a time when “neighbors knew each […]