Hard Reboot

I decided to start a new blog. I’m keeping the old blog, found at the link in the menu, but I wanted a new title and new start so here I am.  I have thought sometimes about abandoning blogging altogether. After all, there’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and whatever comes next. But blogging for me is about thinking out loud, sorting out in writing where I stand on topics and what I’m thinking about in the moment. Although I connect with people here via the comments, it’s much more about my own thoughts. And while I love social media for connecting friends near and far, and quick, immediate conversations, both professional and casual, I still felt like I needed a place for myself to test out ideas.

So as they say in the computing world, it was time for a hard reboot to clear out the memory banks and reconnect the wires.  We’ll see what sparks from that reconnection. Watch this space.

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